Only the Wahhabi Sect Honours Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Many Muslims may remember that Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah’s army massacred the family of the Prophet (s.a.w.).  But the story did not end there.  There was the rape and massacre of the people of Madina and the desecration of the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) mosque.

After the massacres of Karbala and Madina, the accursed army of Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah marched towards Makkah where the people had also revolted against him.  They were outraged at the murder of the Ahl al-Bayt in Karbala and Madina.  Under the leadership of the swahabi, ‘Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr (r.a.), they had put up a competent defence.  Since Yazid’s army could not enter Makkah, they set up siege engines and shot fireballs of pitch into the city.  Many worshippers in the Haram were killed by these.  One of these fireballs hit the Ka’bah itself and set it on fire.  Due to the fighting, it remained on fire for a significant amount of time, causing a large part of it to be burnt.

ibn az-Zubayr (r.a.) eventually rebuilt the Ka’bah, but only after he left it for months in that condition so that people could witness what Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah and his soldiers had done.  They were an army of apostates.  Hundreds of swahabah were killed in this attack, the best of believers, and hundreds of their wives and daughters were raped.  Not even the Byzantines, the Mongols and the Crusaders managed this level of outrage in the Haramayn.  Eventually, ibn az-Zubayr (r.a.) was caught by the Umayyads.  They crucified him, then burnt his body and scattered his ashes to the wind.

The ummah never forgave the Umayyads for this.  Their dynasty lasted less than a hundred years.  The black banner of rebellion was raised in the east, and the Abbasids swept to power.  The bodies of the Umayyad rulers were dug up and desecrated, their tombs destroyed.  Their male members were killed to the point of extinction in Sham and the Hijaz, and they only managed to survive by fleeing to the far west and leading the opening of al-Andalus.

In the books of our scholars, whether in Sunni or Shi’ah Islam, Yazid’s name is cursed.  He is declared a kafir, an apostate, and his sins are detailed, from his sleeping with young boys, to his constant drunkenness to his debauchery and disrespect for the Prophet (s.a.w.).  And yet, there is a faction that praises Yazid, that claim he was in the right, and have even named places in his honour.  That faction is none other than the heretical Wahhabi sect.  Only a kafir would honour another kafir.


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