'Ali ibn Abi Thalib (k.w.) on 'Utsman ibn 'Affan's (r.a.) Murder

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

It is recorded by Imam Ahmad (r.a.), in his Fadha’il asw-Swahabah, that ‘Ali (k.w.) said, “I hope that I, ‘Utsman, Thalhah and Zubayr are from people regarding whom Allah Said:

And We shall remove from their hearts any lurking sense of injury: (they will be) brothers (joyfully) facing each other on thrones (of dignity). (Surah al-Hijr:47)

This is also recorded by Imam al-Bayhaqi (r.a.) in his al-I’tiqad.  This was said in response to ‘Utsman’s (r.a.) murder.

ibn Mas’ud (r.a.) said ‘Ali (k.w.) described, him after his passing as, “‘Utsman was the closest of us to his kin and he was among those who believe, then are fearfully aware and do good.  Allah Loves those who do good.”  This is found in al-‘Awaswim min al-Qawaswim.

ibn ‘Abbas (r.a.) himself said, “If all the people had gathered to kill ‘Utsman, they would have been stoned the way the people of Luth were stoned.”  And this is found again in Fadha’il asw-Swahabah.

Even the Shi’ah books state that not only did ‘Ali (k.w.) expend much effort in dispersing the siege of ‘Utsman’s (r.a.) house, he also sent Hasan (r.a.) and Husayn (r.a.) to guard the gates, and sent water and provisions.

We know from Hafizh ibn Katsir’s (r.a.) al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah that the siege continued from the end of Dzu al-Qa’idah until Friday, the 18th of Dzu al-Hijjah.  The day before, ‘Utsman (r.a.) spoke to the Muhajirun and the Answar who were with him in the house.  They were about seven hundred and included ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (r.a.), ‘Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr (r.a.), Hasan (r.a.) and Husayn (r.a.), and Abu Hurayrah (r.a.) and a group of his clients.  Even Marwan ibn al-Hakam was there.  If he had let them, they would have defended him.  However, he said, “I beg whoever owes me obedience to restrain his hands and to go home.” He said to his slaves, “Whoever sheathes his sword is free.”

When ‘Utsman (r.a.) was martyred, ‘Ali (k.w.) went to him, and fell on him weeping.  He was so still with grief, some said that it seemed as he has joined ‘Utsman (r.a.) in death.  This account is also written in Shi’ah works such as Muruj adz-Dzahab wa Ma’adin al-Jawhar.

It is in both Sunni and Shi’ah works that ‘Ali (k.w.) and his sons cursed the murderers of ‘Utsman (r.a.).  And the Ahl al-Bayt also prayed the swalah al-janazah over him.


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