Being Equal in the Sight of Allah (s.w.t.)

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is a transcript of a discourse by Mawlana Waffie Mohammed.

Allah (s.w.t.) has Given every physical thing a capacity.  The capacities in human beings vary.  It is not the same as some are physically stronger or, intellectually advanced.  Allah (s.w.t.) Says that he made us in tribes and nations so that we can be identified:

O mankind!  We Created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and Made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other) ... (Surah al-Hujraat:13)

This being said, we know that in Allah’s (s.w.t.) Sight, we are all equal.  How then are we equal if we vary in capacity?  The answer is the soul.  While physically we vary, each soul has the same potential to get closer to Allah (s.w.t.).  Each soul is made from the same refined light so in essence each soul has the same capacity, regardless of time and place.  The difference comes in the extent each individual takes in keeping the soul bright and shining.  Allah (s.w.t.) Says:

… Verily the most Honoured of you in the Sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you ... (Surah al-Hujraat:13)

The most righteous can possibly be those who made the effort to polish their souls, working hard to keep any blemishes away from it.  And this exercise extends to all of mankind regardless of physical deformities.  In so doing, those who can achieve this will be equal in the Sight of Allah (s.w.t.).  Our mission is to keep the soul bright and shining.  This will increase ones' capacity to get closer to Allah (s.w.t.).  If we were to put a flammable object next to fire, it would obviously burn.  So too, the dirt one puts on the heart is flammable.  Allah (s.w.t.) Says:

(It is) the Fire of (the Wrath of) Allah Kindled (to a blaze).  That which doth mount (right) to the hearts: (Surah al-Humazah:6-7)

It is the impurities one puts around the heart will burn in the fire.  However, through effort of polishing the soul all those impurities can be erased.  The brighter the soul, the greater is the possibility of getting closer to Allah (s.w.t.); regardless of physical deformities.  The best ingredients for achieving this are sincerity and humility.  They both are of great benefit and value with regards to our ascent to our Lord.  Satan was not sincere and humble in his worship and it eventually came to light and resulted in his downfall.  Allah (s.w.t.) has Preserved these lessons for us to take note.  Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) established trustworthiness and truthfulness, and he was physically Taken Up in the Mi’raj.  We must keep this in mind and work hard to get closer to Allah (s.w.t.).  We should use the physical capacity that He has Given to assist ourselves in achieving this goal and not utilise it for things that will bring about unfortunate results.


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