Three Pious Companions

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Sayyid Muhammad Madani al-Jilani (q.s.) related the following incident regarding three righteous men who also happened to be very close friends.

One particular day, three pious men were out taking a stroll when all of a sudden their attention was distracted by a small bird flying towards their way being closely chased by a ferocious large bird of prey.  One of the men immediately jumped up and managed to save the tiny bird from the claws of the predator.  Soon afterwards the pious man who had saved the tiny bird’s life passed away.  The remaining two men observed their departed friend in a dream and asked him how he was judged by Allah (s.w.t.).  He replied, “'Everything was absolutely fine except I got Questioned and Admonished for the time I saved the bird from the claws of the bird of prey.  Allah (s.w.t.) Asked me, when He had Given rizq for the wild bird, why did I deny it.”  Hence they spent much time beseeching Allah (s.w.t.) to Pardon.

Quite sometime later the two remaining compatriots happened to be out together and once again noticed a bird being attacked by a predator flying their way.  Recalling their deceased friend’s account they decided not to intervene.  The time came when the second of the two remaining friends passed away and so appeared in the dream of the final existing man.  When asked how he was judged and treated the reply was, “Everything was absolutely fine except I got Questioned and Admonished for the time I did not save the tiny helpless bird from the grasp and clutches of the wild bird.  Allah (s.w.t.) Asked me, when He Gave me the ability and strength to save the helpless bird why did I not save it.”'  The remaining friend supplicated to Allah (s.w.t.).

And so, the last remaining man missing his two dear friends, set out on his own one day.  To his amazement, a bird was once more being pursued by a bird of prey towards his direction.  Having experienced in his dream, the outcome and fate of both his deceased friends, the pious man quickly got up and ran as fast as he could away from the scene.

Sayyid Muhammad Madani al-Jilani (q.s.)  said, “Allah (s.w.t.) is the Ultimate Judge and the Maker of Orders.  He can Hold us to Account on any one of our actions, for He is not restricted to any law, rather the Rulings have been Created for our restrictions and actions.”


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