No Arrogance in Faith

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

As extracted from ‘The Garden of the Matsnawi - Rumi Selections;’ Hakim ibn Hizam (r.a.) was a relative of Khadijah (r.a.), the wife of the Prophet (s.a.w.).  He was renowned for his mercy and generosity.  Before the rise of Islam, he used to buy the daughters of those families who wanted to bury them alive and graciously assumed the responsibility of taking care of them.  Hakim ibn Hizam (r.a.) asked the Prophet (s.a.w.) about these good deeds which he had done prior to his declaration of faith in Islam.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) replied, “These good deeds are but the reasons that brought you the honour of being Blessed with Islam.”

To be a Muslim is an Honour that Allah (s.w.t.) has Dressed us with.  It is not us accepting Him.  We must never take that Divine Dress for granted.  And we must not be arrogant in the faith.  It is sunnah to be kind to all, respecting others’ beliefs.  It is important to remember that Azazil was once foremost in worship.  Until he became arrogant in faith and refused the Divine Command to prostrate before Adam (a.s.).  As such, he was Repudiated and that Divine Dress was torn away.  He became Iblis.

A Muslim must never look down on the non-Muslims.  And never deride their faith, their festivals and their beliefs.  It is not what we see.  It is what Allah (s.w.t.) Sees.  Every Muslim is a da’i, an ambassador of Islam and a representative of Muhammad (s.a.w.).  We must not start a fitnah against Allah (s.w.t.) and disgrace our Prophet (s.a.w.).

We have Honoured the sons of Adam… (Surah al-Isra’:70)

What Allah (s.w.t.) has Honoured, is not for man to dishonour.  Each soul is given a Divine Secret.  That Divine Secret is Veiled from us.  We do not know the fates and the ending of any person.  We do not know their hearts.  And we do not know who is a believer.  The pagan bowing before the idol at the temple, perhaps he sees the Majesty of Allah (s.w.t.).  And when he leaves the temple, he has left his idol behind.  And for that moment of clarity, perhaps Allah (s.w.t.) will Dress him in His Divine Dress and the pagan becomes the best of Muslims.  But the one who thinks himself a good Muslim, perhaps he worships his ego.  He carries the idol of the Self everywhere he goes.  He talks about ‘aqidah and tawhid and shari’ah.  But there is no reality to his Islam until he sees Allah (s.w.t.) in everything and reflects the Divine Attributes he worships in himself.


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