The Power of Love

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is a swuhbah by Shaykh Muhammad Nazhim Adil al-Haqqani (q.s.).

There is nothing in all Creation that the Creator, Allah (s.w.t.), hates.  Indeed it is impossible to be Hated by Allah (s.w.t.) and to be in existence; one absolutely precludes the other.  All Creation appeared through His Divine Love.  He loved them and they appeared; therefore, everything in existence carries its share of Divine Love in it; everything from atoms and their parts, the very building blocks of the universe up to mankind - even the smallest particles of matter carry that Divine Gift.

The electrons revolve around the nuclei at an enormous velocity.  Albert Einstein once declared, “I have come to understand so much, but what I have never been able to fathom is what power gives the electrons the energy to orbit nuclei at such a speed.  From where does such power come to them?”

We believe, and furthermore, have been granted certainty in our belief, that everything in existence has life, is living.  For the sake of everyday reckoning we classify certain things, such as rocks, as inanimate objects, and recognise life only in plants, animals and human beings.  But we believe that beyond these outward distinctions, everything has life.  Therefore, atoms, and their electrons that in turn orbit the nuclei with such speed, are, in reality, alive.  They are alive with the Divine Love their Lord has Granted them.  That is what makes them spin at the speed of light.  It is for those who have access to a realm of knowledge beyond science to say with certainty, that it is Allah Almighty, the Lord of the Universe, Who through His Holy Name, al-Wadud, the All-Loving, Who Gives His Divine Love to everything in the universe.  Those electrons, drunken with Divine Love, spin at such velocity around the nuclei.  That is how the influence of Divine Love is Manifested by them.

Science can neither prove nor deny this explanation, as this phenomenon is beyond their realm, and they cannot as much as offer a theory.  But our hearts may be content with this explanation, as each and every one of us may try it himself within himself; for we all have the power of that Divine Love in our hearts ready to be contacted.

Love is certainly not a concept that Western culture is unfamiliar with, and undoubtedly most people lay claim to loving and being loved, to knowing the meaning of love, and to it being an important aspect of their lives, indeed the most important.  But the love we refer to in connection with the Divine Name, al-Wadud, is not the physical transitory love that is rapidly becoming the only meaning of love applicable to modern man; the love that one may find in the zoo.  If we cannot imagine a love other than what is on the level of animals, then we belong in the zoo.  There is Real Love, unchanging, undying love, and then there is temporary animal love.  Both are in us through the Wisdom of the Creator, but the permanent Love is the Love Given to us through the Divine Name, al-Wadud.  To realise that love is the challenge and fulfillment of human existence, to come into contact with those oceans of Divine Love, for He has given His Divine Love to His most Honoured representatives in Creation, humanity.

One may love a young lady for her youth, and when that youth departs, one loves her no longer.  That is false love.  Sometimes we may have both kinds of love simultaneously, but usually the physical overpowers the spiritual, so that it is never allowed to appear.  But to reach the ultimate goal of life we are in need of permanent Love, and it is only the Lord of the Universe Who Grants it.  Therefore, when we say, “Ya Wadud,” we are opening ourselves up to that Divine Love, asking our Lord to Awaken that Love that knows no limitations, that is eternal and extends to all Creation.

We teach people to call on our Lord, saying “Ya Wadud”, as this will enable the sincere to attain real love of their Lord Almighty and to love everything around themselves.  We must learn to love everything for the sake of the Love the Creator has for all His Creation.  And we are in utmost need to pray for such love.  Although it is the essence of all success in the way of spiritual purification, it has become almost extinct in our times.  Therefore, suffering, and chaos is continually on the rise.

What passes for human love nowadays is indeed a very far cry from real human love.  Mostly people cling to it for two or three months, then throw it away.  That is the greatest cause of wretchedness in our times.  Because of this acute situation in our times we must, first and foremost, seek to awaken permanent love.  Practices, prayers and rules are of no use in this time without love.  For people whose hearts have not regained contact with such love, the ego easily attaches itself to practices and uses them as a means to pin empty titles onto itself.  We must leave every practice that serves our vanity and strive for permanent love.

Where shall we start?  Every person has a circle of friends, relations, acquaintances.  Starting from those closest to us: wives and husbands, parents and children, brothers and sisters, we must be generous in the giving of our permanent love.  How can we consider a person who cannot make peace with those nearest to him as Muslim?  If we could approach the level of permanent love that befits us, the world’s courts would have to be closed down from a lack of suits: no complaining, no divorce, no wretchedness, no struggle.  The giving of our permanent love is the most important practice for our time.  No one can say they are not in need of practising it, neither the speaker nor the listeners.

The lower self of man, the selfish ego, never wants to give permanent love except to himself.  We cannot believe that such petty self love is all we have been Created for.  We believe that we have been Created to love all Creation.  Man represents his Lord on earth and has the greatest reservoir of Divine Love within him; he can be a great means of expression for that Divine Love in this world, indeed a fountain of love that every creature may drink from.


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