The Connection between Allah's (s.w.t.) Rule & His Kingdom

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

From his mawlid speech, “On the Heritage of the Prophet (s.a.w.)”, Shaykh Ibrahim Niyas (q.s.) advised on of the connection between Allah's (s.w.t.) Rule, Mulk, and His Kingdom, Malakut.

He said an individual who wants to offer something to Allah (s.w.t.) should first be prepared to place the gift in the hands of a human being.  One day, the Prophet (s.a.w.) witnessed his wife, ‘Aishah (r.a.) carefully perfume some clothing she was preparing to give to a poor person.  When the Prophet (s.a.w.) asked her about this, she replied that it was first going to the Hand of Allah (s.w.t.).  The Prophet (s.a.w.) was duly impressed, as he knew that the clothing would indeed reach Allah (s.w.t.) first before the poor person.  However quick the poor person’s hand may be, Allah's (s.w.t.) Hand is Faster.  If we hold back giving to another human being, to a fellow son of Adam (a.s.), while still expecting our offering to be accepted by Allah (s.w.t.), from our hand to His, be sure our own gift will be left hanging.  Allah (s.w.t.) will never extend His Own Hand in front of such a miser.  When we give even a penny to someone, it will surely reach Allah (s.w.t.), the Creator.  Anything a person does for another person is in reality done for Allah (s.w.t.).  If someone wants to work for Allah (s.w.t.), he should first work for His servants; if someone wants to give to Allah (s.w.t.), he should first give to His servants.


  1. well you are foolish. Eastern Orthodoxy is no more than Caesaro-Papist ethnic arrogance. It has failed the Lord miserably in his command to evangelise the world. It spends all its time arguing amongst itself about petty punctilios, which have nothing to do with he Gospel. It actually destroyed the Jesus movement by paganising it. That is why it likes to think it is Orthodox. Because like Anglicanism, it is all about nationality and race, and nothing to do with universal identity.

  2. Also Greek priests are arrogant arseholes. I was in Israel in December, and I was horrified to find those Nazis in control of the holy places: St. Catherine's, Bethlehem, and Holy Sepulchre. No wonder the Orthodox world failed Christianity and ended up mostly Muslims. The Muslims are much nicer people! Far more Christ-like! As between the two, I would choose to be a Muslim!

  3. Thank you for posting your personal testimony. May everyone experience the love of Christ that you have found!

  4. Asslamu'Alaikum,

    It is not my personal testimony. The above is the testimony of a Catholic who became a Muslim and later converted to Eastern Orthodoxy.

    I was a Catholic who converted to Islam. I am still very much a Muslim, thank you.

    Personally, I have more respect for Catholicism and the Orthodoxy then I have for the Protestant movement.

    In Protestantism, there is a new church every day. Pastors do not always demonstrate any sort of knowledge about Christianity or the Bible, let alone other religions such as Islam. Many of them are 'moved by the spirit' to speak about their feelings and interpretations about passages of the Bible, which is essentially a translation of a translation of a translation with no verifiable source. The speaking from a point of ignorance.

    In any case, I cannot understand the fascination with Paul of Tarsus, who never ever met Jesus at all.


  5. Here is another muslim who became an evangelical missionary while trying to convert Christians to islam.
    Later he found the fulfillment of The Christian Faith in the early Church's faithful teaching as lived in Orthodox Theology and Church.

  6. Assalamu'Alaikum,

    Thank you.


  7. This is a beautiful story about a man who looked for the truth and found it. The word of God says, " if you seek me you will find me." Praise the merciful,faithful and loving God of heaven who returned a lost sheep to the Good Shepherd.

  8. At the anonymous posters who attack the Orthodox Church for not evangelizing the word by force as the Catholics did you are seriously sick, you judge a faith by its imperialism??? you clearly have no faith in God.

    С Нами Бог


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