How the Naqshbandi Spread in Southeastern Europe

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

One time, Shaykh Jamal ad-Din al-Ghumuqi (q.s.) was with his followers in the big mosque of the city praying the night prayer in congregation.  When the prayers were finished, everyone went out and they locked the mosque from the outside.  One person remained behind, inside the mosque, hiding behind a pillar.  His name was Orkallisa Muhammad (q.s.), one of the best muridun of Shaykh Jamal ad-Din (q.s.).

Shaykh Urkallisa Muhammad (q.s.) said to himself in a state of introspection, “O Urkallisa Muhammad, now there is no one with you, you are alone.  Defend yourself.” And he answered himself, “How can I defend myself?  I am the worst person that Allah has Created on the face of the earth.  To prove it, I swear an oath that if what I say is not what I honestly believe, then may my own wife be haram to me!”  He did not know that his shaykh was still in the mosque and observing him.  The shaykh looked into Shaykh Urkallisa’s (q.s.) heart.  He saw that in his heart, he truly believed himself to be the worst person in Creation.

Shaykh Jamal ad-Din (q.s.) revealed himself, laughing and said, “Urkallisa, come here.”  The latter was surprised to see his shaykh since he thought he was alone.  The shaykh told him, “You are right and you are also loyal and sincere.”  As soon as he heard this, Shaykh Urkallisa (q.s.) floated up and hit his head on the ceiling of the mosque.  He came down and floated up and came down again.  This happened seven times.  When the murid is cleansed of dunya, his soul will lift him up and he will fly like a bird.

Then Shaykh Jamal ad-Din (q.s.) told him, “Sit,” and he sat.  The shaykh pointed with his index finger at the heart of Shaykh Urkallisa (q.s.) with a circular motion.  As he rotated his finger, he opened Shaykh Urkallisa’s (q.s.) heart, not to the Divine Presence, but to the secrets hidden already in his own heart.  What the shaykh opened up to him were the six levels that must be opened to the seeker in order for him to set his first steps in the Way.  These are: the reality of attraction, haqiqat al-jadzba; the reality of receiving Divine Revelation, haqiqat al-faydh: the reality of directing the heart to the Prophet (s.a.w.), haqiqat at-tawajjuh; the reality of intercession, haqiqat at-tawaswswul: the reality of guidance, haqiqat al-irshad and the ability to move in spacetime in a moment, haqiqat ath-thayy.

These six powers that the shaykh opened to him are the first major steps on the Sufi Path.  As the shaykh opened these six powers, he took him to the state of witnessing, mushahadah.  In that state of vision, he saw himself sitting with 124,000 white birds encircling him.  One large green bird flew to the middle.  After that vision, the white birds disappeared and in their places there appeared the spirituality of 124,000 saints.  Then the green bird disappeared and there appeared the spiritual form of Muhammad (s.a.w.).  The Prophet (s.a.w.) said, “I testify that he has reached the state of perfection and now you can depend on him.  Give him the secret of the Naqshbandi Order.”

Then Shaykh Jamal ad-Din (q.s.) poured from his heart into the heart of Shaykh Urkallisa (q.s.), secrets of which he had never dreamed.  He said to his shaykh, “O my Shaykh, do these things exist in thariqa’?”

Shaykh Jamal ad-Din (q.s.) replied, “Yes, my son, and that is only the beginning of the Way.”

It is said that the secret of his shaykh could be seen in Shaykh Urkallisa (q.s.).  He would go up on the minbar on Friday and he would clap his hands and say, “O people, cry!” and they would all begin crying.  Then he would clap his hands and say, “Laugh!” and they would laugh.  Then he would make a du’a saying, “O Allah, they are crying in repentance and asking Forgiveness.  Forgive them.  And they are laughing at the pleasure of Your Mercy!”  Then he would clap a third time and say, “Do you accept the Naqshbandi Sufi Order to be your Order?” and they would accept.  Then he would ask them, “Do you accept the 5,000 repetitions of ‘Allah,’ by tongue and 5,000 in the heart?” and they would accept.  By this method, he spread the Naqshbandi Order all over the land of Daghestan, Kazan, Southern Russia and among the soldiers of Imam Shamil (q.s.).


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