The People of True Faith are Immovable

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is adapted from a swuhbah by Shaykh Muhammad Nazhim Adil al-Haqqani (q.s.) on the 13th April 2002.

We ask for firmness in our faith, from Allah (s.w.t.), so that nothing can throw us down nor even move us.  There was a wrestler from the lands of the kuffar.  He went around challenging people and in a few minutes, he threw everyone down to the earth.  He was proud of his strength.  He went to Istanbul in the time of Shaykh Yahya of Trabzon (q.s.), the Baktashi Sufi shaykh who lived some 500 years ago.

The sultan, Sultan Sulayman the Magnificent, heard about that wrestler and wanted to see him.  In his presence were his viziers and ‘ulama.  As all sultans had a shaykh, the shaykh of this sultan was Shaykh Yahya (q.s.) himself, and he was also always in the presence of the Sultan.  The disbelieving wrestler came to challenge the Muslims.  He wanted to prove that his belief was stronger than Islam, and everyone was afraid of him.

Shaykh Yahya (q.s.) was physically weak.  But he got up, took off his jubbah and sought permission from the sultan to accept the challenge of the wrestler.  The Sultan reluctantly gave it.

The wrestler was huge.  He said to Shaykh Yahya (q.s.), “What are you doing here?  You are no wrestler.”

Shaykh Yahya (q.s.) said, “Nevertheless, I am here to wrestle.  I will cross my arms and you may use all your strength to try and move me.  If I am weak, then my faith is also weak.”

The wrestler tried to push him, to move him, to throw him, to life him up.  But he was unsuccessful.  The shaykh would not be budged even a little.  He just stood there with his arms crossed.  After a long while, the shaykh asked him if he was done.  And the wrestler said he was.  Then he turned like a whirling dervish, spun around, lifted the wrestler into the air, and threw him to the ground.

When the servant is with Allah (s.w.t.), no power can move him from his centre.  This is what is missing in our days.  We are not with Allah (s.w.t.), otherwise those against us would not be able do anything to us.  But as we are with dunya; we are weak.  Power, strength and honour is with those who are with Allah (s.w.t.).  And we are with Allah (s.w.t.) in the dzikr, because Allah (s.w.t.) is with the one who remembers Him.  However, the ummah has forgotten the dzikr.  May Allah (s.w.t.) Protect us from Satanic actions.

They said, “Our Lord!  We have wronged our own souls: if Thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy we shall certainly be lost.” (Surah al-A’araf:23)

This was also the du’a for Forgiveness of Adam (a.s.).  He punished himself and stood on one leg on a mountain for 300 years until the forgiveness of Allah (s.w.t.) Reached to him.

People in Palestine have forgotten their pious gnostics and therefore they, themselves, are forgotten.  No worldly person can save them.  If they would only call upon the pious for intercessory help and recite the verses from the YaSin and blow around them, they would be Saved:

And We have Put a bar in front of them and a bar behind them, and further, We have Covered them up; so that they cannot see. (Surah YaSin:9)

They should ask from the spiritual guardians of Masjid al Aqswa’,  but they do not believe in the holy ones anymore, not even in the Prophet (s.a.w.), who said, “My eyes are sleeping but not my heart is awake.”


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