Becoming Pharaoh

The following is adapted from a swuhbah from Shaykh Muhammad Nazhim Adil al-Haqqani (q.s.) on the 01st October, 2010.

On the Day of Promises, Allah (s.w.t.) Asked mankind:

When thy Lord Drew forth from the Children of Adam ― from their loins ― their descendants, and Made them testify concerning themselves, (Saying), “Am I not your Lord (Who Cherishes and Sustains you)?” ― They said, “Yea!  We do testify!”  (This), lest ye should say on the Day of Judgment, “Of this, we were never mindful.” (Surah al-A’araf:172)

On that Day, every soul had been Dressed in such unimaginable honour.  When Sent to this worldly life, some of these souls kept their word to Allah (s.w.t.), and have remained Dressed in those Divine robes of obedience and submission ever since, but others sank into a life of treachery and evil, discarding the noble dress they had been Bestowed.  They broke their oaths; they forgot what they had been given, and they said, “We are not servants; we are Lords!”

These misled people have taken the worst teacher, Shaythan, as a guide, and he whispers to them, “Leave servanthood.  I shall lead you to an honour that you can taste in this worldly life.”  And he lead them to the point that they proclaimed themselves kings, presidents, prime ministers, a’immah and shuyukh – they claimed greatness.  When man assumes leadership, he is suddenly transformed from his Lord’s servant to the people’s master; no longer does he view it befitting that he be labeled as a lowly ‘servant’.

Shaythan leads humans to seek adulation from the masses, to seek fame and name, to seek to be idolised and worshipped.  Why bow, when you can be bowed to?  Those who accept Shaythan’s offer, discard their robes of Divine honour, and are cheated into seeking worldly honour.  Shaythan will lead us away from nothingness, towards something-ness.  By discarding the Divine honour of being Acknowledged by one’s Creator, these unfortunates seek the worthless worldly honour of being acknowledged by Creation.  Can Creation give honour to itself?  Never.  And why?

If any do seek for glory and power ― to Allah Belongs all glory and power ... (Surah Fathir:10)

All honour and glory belongs to the Lord, so one cannot find this in Creation.  Shaythan’s mission, from the beginning until the end of time, is to convince man not to accept that they are servants of the Lord of the Heavens. We can see what happens when a person assumes the mantle of leadership and discards his robe of honour.  He becomes Shaythan’s representative and leads his followers astray.  How can one who does not keep his promise to his Lord be expected to keep his promise to his Lord’s creatures?  And these are the people chosen to lead in today’s world.

O ye Children of Adam!  Let not Satan seduce you in the same manner as he got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame: for he and his tribe watch you from a position where ye cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends (only) to those without faith. (Surah al-A’araf:27)

Once the robes of servanthood are stripped off, the yoke of slavery to Shaythan and dunya are then fixed upon him.  His honour is lost; he becomes worse than a domestic animal now, living life only to seek pleasures of the flesh and to fulfill the desires of the ego.  They have become representatives and deputies of Shaythan, like the dictators and tyrants of Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Yemen and other Arab countries – lording over their subjects with the iron fist of cruelty.  They have forgotten the promise they made to Allah (s.w.t.).  Allah (s.w.t.) said to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), that He has Given every human an opportunity to be like Pharaoh or Nimrod.  That is why the situation in the Muslim world will not change even if they deposed of the ruling dictators, for he will be replaced by another, who may claim to be there for the people, but will eventually be corrupted by power and demand complete obedience.  He will be exactly like his predecessor – another cruel tyrant.  Changing the leadership is not the solution.  Changing the system of government to one based on the perfect true spirit of the shari’ah is the only solution.

The Ottomans ruled by the Qur’an, and they achieved honour and respect, ruling for 700 years with such dominance.  If the current ummah returns to that, we will achieve the same and return to the Golden Age of Islam.  If the ummah had held on tightly to the shari’ah, they would have been safe from the grip of these latter-day Pharaohs.  No manmade constitution based on selfish desires, designed to replace the shari’ah, can ever work.  Ever.  The ummah must be made aware of this.  Despots, tyrants and dictators always reject governing by the shari’ah with a multitude of excuses; their manmade laws allow them to rape the country, legally, of its resources.  By cleverly wording the laws so that the layman is left baffled, clauses for nepotism, cronyism and daylight robbery of the nation’s coffers are woven cleverly into the fabric of the constitution.  These Shaythan-certified criminal leaders have unprecedented and unmonitored access to the nation’s valuable resources.

O Muslims, awaken!  Any leader who refuses to uphold Allah Almighty’s shari’ah in governing is a student of Shaythan.  Such a leader will be a source of great suffering for his people, so do not accept such a trouble-maker:

Allah Commands justice, the doing of good, and liberty to kith and kin, and He Forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He Instructs you, that ye may receive Admonition. (Surah an-Nahl:90)

Allah (s.w.t.) has Sent justice and kindness via His prophets to the people, but people have chosen to reject it.  Having been Commanded by Allah (s.w.t.) to keep obedience to a single leader for the ummah, the ummah has broken into small nations, each under an unIslamic ruler.  The ummah has fallen that lowest ebb of ignorance; there is no lower point on that scale.  This is the post-mortem of the ummah today.  The obedient will taste one Divine slap of suffering and difficulty in his worldly life, but the defiant will experience a hundred slaps.  The first slaps are directed at the Muslim world.  We witness what is happening now in the Middle East.  Slap after slap will strike until the Muslims submit in obedience to Divine Will.


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