The Tijaniyyah Thariqa' on Reverence for the Ahl al-Bayt

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is from Ustadz Fakhruddin Owaisi at-Tijani.  We recall the tragic martyrdom of the grandson of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) and his sweet offspring, Imam al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali (r.a.), in the land of difficulty and affliction, karb wa bala’, Karbala’, in the area of at-Taff in Iraq.

It is well known that among the major principles of the Tijani thariqa’, as well as its greatest etiquettes, is reverence for the Prophetic Household, Ahl al-Bayt.  Our shaykh, al-Khatm Shaykh Ahmad at-Tijani (q.s.) had extolled their rank.  And he is also from them.  He is a Hasani sharif, whose lineage is authentic, having been verified by the Prophet (s.a.w.), with his saying to him, “You are truly my offspring.”  The Prophet (s.a.w.) said it thrice.  This is recorded in Jawahir al-Maʼani.  Likewise, it was the custom of Shaykh at-Tijani (q.s.), to stand out of esteem for the noble sharaf and kiss their hands, even if they were among his disciples.  This is from Kashf al-Hijab by Shaykh Ahmad Sukayraj (q.s.).

Shaykh at-Tijani (q.s.) also mentioned in Jawahir al-Maʼani that whatever the honourable swahabah had found of prophetic knowledge, had reached them through the mediation of Imam ʼAli al-Murtadha (k.w.).  And that, from our shaykh, is verified by the well-known hadits,  “I am the City of Knowledge and ‘Ali is its gate.”  This was narrated by Imam al-Hakim (r.a.) and Imam at-Tirmidzi (r.a.).  And he also mentioned that Sayyidah Fathimah az-Zahrah (r.a.) was the only woman who had attained the level of the greatest Qutbaniyyah.  And that is the greatest level after the levels of prophethood.  So, she is the first quthb of this ummah.

As for the greatest martyr, the grandson of our Prophet (s.a.w.), Imam al-Husayn (r.a.), our shaykh, Shaykh Ahmad at-Tijani (q.s.) had openly cursed his killer, the Tyrant of Sham, Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah, with his saying that Yazid ibn Muʼawiyah is Cursed due to Allah’s (s.w.t.) Saying:

Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger ― Allah has Cursed them in this world and in the hereafter, and has Prepared for them a humiliating Punishment. (Surah al-Ahzab:57)

And due to His Saying:

Then, is it to be expected of you, if ye were put in authority, that ye will do mischief in the land, and break your ties of kith and kin?  Such are the men whom Allah has Cursed, for He has Made them deaf and Blinded their sight. (Surah Muhammad:22-23)

And there is no abuse of our Prophet (s.a.w.) greater than killing his offspring and cutting off his lineage.

This was narrated by his close muqaddam, Shaykh ath-Thayyib as-Sufyani (q.s.), in al-Ifadah al-Ahmadiyyah.

Also, our Shaykh at-Tijani (q.s.), used to love the recitation of the blessed Qaswidah Hamziyyah of Imam al-Busayri (q.s.).  Among the couplets of this poem are:

And the two sons whose perfumed scent is from you
Who the extremely pure one had bore
You used to give them shelter in yourself just as
The ya’ gave shelter to the writing of its two dots
Two martyrs, neither al-Taff makes me forget
Their affliction, nor Karbala’
The ruled did not take care of your rights with regards to them,
And the rulers as well betrayed your pact (to love them)
They replaced the love and care (that was due) to your relatives (with hate and harm)
And the fogs of hypocrisy rose from its people
Hardened became their hearts towards those
For whose loss, the earth and heaven had wept
So weep for them as much as you are able, surely the very least (showing of emotion)
In the midst of such a great affliction is crying
Every day and every land, due to my grief over them
Is Karbala’ and ‘Ashura
O People of the House of the Prophet!  All my own grief cannot stop
My heart from grieving for you
But I have resigned my matter to Allah
And my resignation of matters (to Him) is my salvation
That evil day in Karbala’, perhaps some of its misdeeds
Were atoned in az-Zawra (Baghdad, whose Abbasid Caliphs avenged the Ahl al-Bayt)
When the enemies (of the Ahl al-Bayt)
Were lain around dead and mutilated
O People of the House of the Prophet, you are pure!
So my praises and eulogies for you are also pure

Our shaykh, Shaykh Ibrahim Niyas al-Kawlakhi (q.s.) made ziyarah of both the graves of Imam al-Husayn (r.a.); in Karbala’, where his noble body is, and in Egypt, where his noble head is.  About that visit, he said in Sayr al-Qalb:

In Karbala’, I visited al-Husayn seeking a means
To his father (‘Ali), the pleased one, seeking (a means to) Allah
‘Ali, the father of the two grandsons, the Lion of Muhammad
By whose sharp sword I ward off calamities!

And when Shaykh Ibrahim (q.s.) visited the prophetic relics which are stored in the mosque of Imam al-Husayn (r.a.) in Cairo, he asked those in charge to bring the relics closer to his breast, saying, “Bring them closer to my heart, so that it may be purified!”

It was also the habit of Shaykh Ibrahim Niyas (q.s.) to give as a gift of whatever he had of wealth to whichever descendant of the Prophet (s.a.w.) who visited him, even if his lineage had not been verified, out of reverence for the prophetic lineage.


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