New Year Resolutions

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is adapted from a transcript of a discourse delivered by Mawlana Waffie Mohammed.

As we mark the start of the new Gregorian year, certain resolutions have been made.  Firstly; we realise that another year has come to an end.  This means we have one year less to live as the day of departure is Fixed by the Lord.  Therefore, we must make proper and constructive usage of the time we have left.  We will try to increase our love for our Lord.  Allah (s.w.t.) Says:

… But those of faith are overflowing in their love for Allah ... (Surah al-Baqarah:165)

Every day, we try to love our Lord more and more.  As Muslims, we must always aspire to please Allah (s.w.t.) as much as possible.  We will try to meet and greet Him more regularly.  How can we meet and greet Allah (s.w.t.)?  Through the institution of swalah.  In swalah, we meet Him, greet Him and talk to Him.  So the greater our desire to get closer to Him the more optional prayers we should offer.  We will not look only at the compulsory but those optional ones that are mentioned in the Qur’an and found in the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). 

We will try not to displease Him in any way.  If we are in the presence of someone honourable and respectable, would we want to misbehave?  Of course not!  And at all the times we are in the Presence of the Merciful Lord.  In other worlds; we try to become more God-conscious.  Always keep in mind that Allah (s.w.t.) Looks us; and if something displeases us, we do not react negatively or in a manner that Allah (s.w.t.) dislikes.  We will practice loving who He Loves dearly - the Prophet (s.a.w.) and the pious ones.  If we want to be close to Allah (s.w.t.) then it would be prudent to love that which He Loves.  And Allah (s.w.t.) Loves Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and His sincerely pious servants.  We will avoid what He does not like.  If we wish to gain closeness to Allah (s.w.t.) then we should abstain from those things that would take us further away from Him.  We will help our brethren as much as possible.  Allah (s.w.t.) Says:

Except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of truth, and of patience and constancy. (Surah al-‘Aswr:3)

We help others, regardless of race or religion, all for the Pleasure of Allah (s.w.t.).

We will try to maximise the use of my time through proper time management.  We understand that our time here is fixed; therefore, we must make best usage of it if we want to return to and have a pleasant Meeting with our Lord.  We will try to increase our dependency on Him, and less on human beings.  Allah (s.w.t.) Sent us here and Provided for us; therefore we must to turn to Him.  If we rely on Him, He will never let us down.  We must then work hard to develop a stronger bond with Him.  We shall promote the philosophy of ihsan in all matters.  What is the philosophy of ihsan?  It is not to curse, nor degrade, nor backbite.  It is to love for another what we love for ourselves.  It is to conduct ourselves in a refined, exemplary manner.  We will all try our best to manage our time, to do righteousness, to please Him, to get close to Him, to demonstrate supreme love for Him.  We do not love this world more than Him.  One day we will have to separate from it.  We know that our Lord is All-Wise, so whatever He Allows to happen to us there is Wisdom and Reason behind it.  Always remember the story if Joseph (a.s.).  All the trials and difficulties he underwent were stepping stones for the achievement of his purpose and mission.

The real basis for successful living is to have total faith in Allah (s.w.t.).  The manifestation of success is to put Allah (s.w.t.) first in all matters.  So as we begin this New Year, let us try to increase our faith and dependency on Allah (s.w.t.).  Communicate, with Him more, thank Him more and praise Him abundantly.  May Allah (s.w.t.) Bless us and Guide us all, insha’Allah.


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