The Way to Purity

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

The following is adapted from a swuhbah by Shaykh Muhammad Nazhim Adil al-Haqqani (q.s.) on the 13th January 2010.

We are told to spread the Islamic greeting of as-Salamu'Alaykum, as it spreads peace amongst us, and the one who initiates the salam, receives more blessings and lights, than the recipient.  So we initiate the salam even to strangers we meet in the streets, at work or in the mosque.

It is advised to begin all acts with a'udzubillah, for we must always seek Allah’s (s.w.t.) Protection against our dangerous enemy, Iblis and his helpers, who have an array of trick and traps and are always lying in wait for us.  Once we have fallen into a trap, it is very difficult to extract ourselves from it.

In swalah, we usually recite a'udzubillah before reading the Basmallah and al-Fatiha, only in the first rak'ah.  In doing so, Shaythan runs away from us during the first rak'ah, but returns to disturb and distract us in the following rak'ah.  The awliya’ read a'uzdubillah at the beginning of each rak'ah, so that Shaythan has to keep his distance throughout the entire prayer.  So we follow such a practice so that our prayer is free from Shaythan's influence.

We should begin every act, every gathering, every meeting, every swuhbah, with a'udzubillah, so that the influence of Shaythan is removed from such an event.  When Shaythan is present, then he assumes control, and rides on us, directing and guiding us, just like a rider sitting on a donkey.  Almost all humans are under Shaythan's control nowadays.  Shaythan in control of our lives will not guide us and direct us to a good place, a safe destination.  So we seek Allah's (s.w.t.) Protection in every action.

Shaythan portrays himself as our concerned adviser, as our well-informed guide, as our trusted companion.  He has a ready answer to our doubts about him; he has a glib tongue, and offers himself as a teacher - to guide us, our loved ones, our community and our whole nation.  He offers modernisation and freedom, he offers a lifestyle of pleasure and excesses, he infects our education system with godlessness.  He teaches men to dress and live as women do, and vice-versa - he turns everything upside down.  He offers himself as our best friend, and many humans now regard him as such, defending his decadent ways, ideas, lifestyle and beliefs.  Shaythan promotes a lifestyle of drinking, for once a person is drunk, he will be easy to convince and mislead, for he is unable to resist Shaythan's advances when he cannot walk or think straight.  Shaythan preaches to us to live in filth and sin unashamedly, and he tells us to be shameless even towards Allah (s.w.t.).

With the spread of this so-called modern lifestyle of boozing, pubbing and clubbing, people believe that they have achieved the ultimate life, yet in reality, they have only achieved Allah's (s.w.t.) Displeasure and Curses.  Just listening to the weather forecast these days will show us that Allah (s.w.t.) Sends down much punishment on these people due to their obedience to Shaythan.  We should call out to these people, “Come to Islam!”  It is sad that so many so-called scholars are hitting out at their fellow Muslims, instead of reaching out to those lost in a world of entertainment and temporary pleasure.  Salafi scholars are busy running from mosque to mosque preventing mawlid and swalawat, instead of seeking to guide these poor lost souls with their meaningless existence.

We call all to Islam, as Allah (s.w.t.) Sent us Islam to clean and purify ourselves.  These lost, who are steeped in sin, even if they washed themselves with the oceans of the world, even if they used all the soap and perfume in this world, they cannot clean themselves - a human being can only be cleansed when he accepts the last Message, al Qur'an, and when he accept the Last Messenger, Muhammad (s.a.w.).  If they reject the Messenger (s.a.w.) and his Message, they shall remain in dirtiness, in sin, in calamities.  For Allah (s.a.w.) Says, the disbelievers are najis, spiritually impure.  So disbelief is a state of impurity, which can only be cleaned by embarking on a Journey of Faith.

Salafi scholars should be busy bringing this message of hope and salvation, instead of harping on a message of hate and criticism.  It is wajib for those with knowledge to preach and to guide, so do those with knowledge should do their duty.  We are all but warners and we must warns that those who persist in bringing a warped message of Islam that they will have their knowledge erased from their minds, and will end up being devoid of true knowledge.


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