The Man on the White Horse

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Shaykh Aslan Maskhadov, (September 21, 1951 - March 8, 2005) the former President of Chechnya and a murid of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order was the architect of the Muslim victory over the Russians in the first Chechen War.  He was once asked why they could be victorious over the Russians and yet the Palestinians had problem with the Israelis even when they had Arab support.  He said they fought for themselves, whilst the Chechens fought for Allah (s.w.t.).

The Russians had surrounded Grozny with more than 100,000 troops.  Before the battle, they held mawlid and dzikr.  They remembered Allah (s.w.t.); they remembered the Battles of Badr and Khandaq.  They went forth to fight.  Ultimately, what was achieved, Chechen autonomy, was undone by internal battles with the Wahhabi.  They perpetrated the atrocity of Beslan, they tried to spread the war to Daghistan, they went against the sunnah.  And thus Muslims are their own greatest enemies.

On the 08th March 2005, Shaykh Aslan Maskhadov was made shahid in an operation by Russian Special Forces despite the fact they were supposed to have had a ceasefire.  His body was buried in an unmarked grave and the Russians have refused to reveal where they have disposed of his remains.

In my travels, I have been many places.  I love stories, tales with meaning, and I picked up many.  Once, long after the event and long before I converted to Islam, I heard this one.  I did not fully understand it nor grasp its significance until much later when I studied sirah.

In the aftermath of the reunification of Germany, many Eastern Europeans including Russians resident in the former East Germany flocked to work in the factories in the former West Germany.  There, they met many of the Muslim immigrants, mainly of Kurdish extraction.

Once, in an unnamed factory, a Russian approached a Kurd and asked if he was Muslim.  And the Kurd said he was.  And the Russian said he wanted to tell a story and he hoped the Kurd would listen.  During the break, he told this:

“I was a soldier in the armies of the USSR sent to fight in Afghanistan.  I was a tanker man (meaning he was a tank crewman).  Once, we were sent to capture a pass in the mountains.  They were going to exterminate a village as an example.  We saw a man in white on a white horse blocking the pass.  He had a white turban and carried a sword.  No guns.  We laughed since a horseman had no chance against our tanks.  And then the horseman charged at us.  There was a wind behind him and the dust moved.  The machine gunners started firing.  But there was no effect.  And then the horse was running on air.  And the lead tank exploded.  And then the wind came and there was chaos outside the tank.  There were screams and then there was silence.”


  1. we never know what/who is the army of allah. From ants, birds and worms for gog and magog. If only people know, it is not about the technology.

  2. It is said that the final battle at the Plains of Meggido (Called Armas Geddos - Armageddon) would be fought with swords and horses.


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